How it works

We know that you want to grow her into a confident, resilient girl and yet at this age, she’s also fragile.

This is why we’ve built Moxie Girl.

She can set and track goals

It’s easy to help your daughter explore goals and accomplish meaningful life experiences with the help of Moxie Girl. Through our app, she can set her own goals and connect with a mentor to help her throughout her day.

As she works on her goal she can check in and update progress. We will check to see if she needs help. We ask her to rate her moods and we celebrate with her as she moves through her goal(s). We will encourage her to set more goals as she makes progress on the existing goals!

She can pick a college female-mentor

We provide trained female mentors as a trusted third-party to help your daughter reach her goals. She can select a mentor from top Universities and receive weekly coaching and support. Meet our mentors here.

This app is so cool! Something my daughter can actually benefit from.
— — Diana, Mom of 10 year old. New York, NY